• The proposal must clearly demonstrate linkages to the organization’s strategic plan
  • The focus must be on one of the Ball Brothers Foundation’s interest areas
  • The proposal has potential for immediate leveraging of other funds to support the project or initiative and demonstrates the likelihood of gaining further support from other sources once the original grants ends
  • The proposal must include a definitive process for measuring or assessing results
  • Organizations/institutions must have tax exempt status as defined by IRS Codes

The Foundation will not support:

  • Direct assistance to individuals or scholarships
  • Applications coming from outside of Indiana
  • Booster organizations
  • On-going salary requests of staff personnel to support an organization
  • Services that the community-at-large should normally underwrite (i.e. roads, bus transportation, etc.)
  • Capital building projects
  • Research projects (except for philanthropic studies)
  • Unsolicited proposals; all general grant requests must begin with a Preliminary Application


BBF only provides funding to organizations operating in Indiana. Historically, the vast majority of BBF funding has been targeted to organizations in East Central Indiana with a particular emphasis in the Muncie/Delaware County area. Other counties included in the geographical footprint are: Blackford County, Grant County, Henry county, Jay County, Madison County, and Randolph County. Some limited exceptions are occasionally made outside these areas. While organizations outside the Muncie/East Central Indiana area are welcome to apply for support, please be aware that funding for organizations outside this footprint is rare.